In english

I’m a physical geographer (PhD) with special interest in large-scale water-catchment management. I’m also very interested in simple technologies (low-tech), and all the smart interactions between sustainable elements that our ancestors were aware of. Since June 2015 I also have a certificate as a permaculture designer. The well thought out permaculture ethics and principles are very appealing to me, since they are simple and yet powerful systematic thinking tools that aims towards truly sustainable systems. My aim is not to “save the world” (since the current world is not sustainable at all), but rather to change it by “being the change”.

I’m available for consultation regarding

  • water and soil quality (with special emphasis on water-quality problems).
  • as a guide to the natural world in the county of Västerbotten, the rest of Sweden and parts of Norway.
  • as a permaculture design consultant (anywhere). My main permaculture strength at the moment is broad-scale zone-integration. That includes for example: property planning of water management, road-access, and broad-scale land use. I’m also more and more capable of proposing valuable details for zone 0-2 of most properties.

My 8+ years old small business is my main work-platform, which lets me maintain and develop my skills in an efficient way, which is not only good for me, but also for my clients. One of the most interesting products that I have produced so far is the nature guide to one of Swedens most beautiful rivers – River Lögdeälven