Kultur = hjärntvätt?

>Fick idag ett litet massmejl från Worldwatch institute (Christopher Flavin). De tankeväckande inledande frågorna vill jag gärna citera:

“Why do we spend billions on expensive products to keep us healthy, while consuming cheap processed foods that make us sick?

Why do we spend more time than ever plugged in to gadgets, and less time visiting with our friends?

Why do we put some animals in day care and others in factory farms, making “best friends” of the former and fast food of the latter?”

Värda att fundera på tycker jag. Flavins svar, som säkert kan diskuteras, var följande:


Culture is the invisible force that molds our values, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. It is the force that makes everything we do seem natural. And while rarely discussed, culture is the single most important determinant of whether we as a society thrive long into the future, or-like maladapted civilizations before us, go extinct.”